Evaluation of the 1st LTT Meeting
Thessaloniki, 18-22 November 2019
ERASMUS+ 2019-2021 KA229:

«Totalitarian Past and Democratic Present: Lessons for our Future»

The 1o Peiramatiko Lykeio Thessalonikis “M. Andronikos” has evaluated the 1st LTT Meeting in Thessaloniki through digital questionnaires (guests) and structured interviews (hosts). According to the results the students and teachers who have been hosted were very satisfied with the arrangement of the meeting (4.69/5). The general satisfaction about the activities and workshops of the meeting is also very high (4.74 in general and more than 4.0 for each activity). Besides, students and teachers liked also very much the cultural activities of the meeting (4.86). The same level of satisfaction can be noticed as far as personal relationships and collaboration are concerned: guest students are very satisfied with the host families, while teachers evaluate very positively the collaboration with the host colleagues.